How Kinuu Came to Be

Over the past ten years, I’ve logged hundreds of hours sitting in waiting rooms.  I have seen the hope and the hopelessness.  I have been hopeful and the frightened.  I have tried, again and again, given up and tried again. I have connected with other parents and at times, hiding my face in a magazine.  I’ve left with the photo-copied, stick-figured exercise homework, not understanding anything in the two minutes of the appointment what I was supposed to do and getting buried in dinner, homework and helping my other kids. It is from within those four walls I decided there had to be a better way.  I began researching the internet, reading books, attending seminars and meeting with other parents. 


Along with this journey, I met Dr. Nelson Mane, Board Certified in Chiropractic Orthopedics and attaining his MD licensure in Internal Medicine.  Dr. Mane had been successfully helping kids for 20+ years with neuro-developmental disorders and was treating them from a neurological basis rather than with temporary solutions.  In his years of treating children with everything from mild ADHD and dyslexia to full-blown autism, he had come face to face with the devastation it was causing to families.  When a child is born, the parents begin wondering if they might someday be president and then as the signs of the condition begin to manifest they begin to worry if the child will be able to finish school or be able to hold a job.  He saw the despair that parents feel when he heard a mother who had a child with severe autism say "I know its unnatural but I pray every day that he dies before I do", fearing who would take care of her child.   It quickly became apparent that Dr. Mane and I shared a mutual desire to tackle this tidal wave of neurodevelopmental challenges faced by millions of kids in a way that was effective, affordable, accessible and less time consuming than bringing one child at a time into the clinic. 


I approached Dr. Mane about creating a video game, a medium that all children love and something that would be easy for the parent to engage the child in.  The combination of Dr. Mane’s expertise, my background in technology and an amazing team of individuals that supported my efforts in this journey turned out to be the perfect recipe for what I wanted to accomplish – a new and better way to help kids, help parents and feed research.   We put together a combination of tools, and programs based on years of research to help children in the convenience of their own home.  We believe wholeheartedly that our programs can help unlock the potential of these children. 


Wanting the best for our kids is inherent as a parent.   If you have a child with ADD/HD or Dyslexia, as a Parent or Doctor,  we have walked in your shoes.  And I will tell you that it takes diligence, commitment and a lot of practice.  Our programs are designed to give you better, visible results in a shorter amount of time and help your child’s time in the classroom be easier and more efficient.  I hope you join Kinuu and our movement towards helping kids, providing research and ‘Putting Hope in Motion’.  





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