What foods should my child eat if they have ADHD or Dyslexia? And what should they eliminate?

There is no doubt that it is very confusing as a parent and even more frustrating to find the right food in the supermarket for you and your kids.   However, science and research are becoming clear that food can make a significant difference for your child if they have ADD/HD or Dyslexia.  We know it's impossible to make drastic changes all at once and furthermore those quick changes don't last.  What worked for my family was to make several small changes over a long period of time. It took about two years and while I would not say we are perfect, the overall changes have been really good for all of us and I know I’ve built habits with my kids that will carry into adulthood.  When your son or daughter has a taste of the old blue yogurt or yellow colored fish and says, "this doesn't taste good any more" or as my daughter stated last night, "this dressing has changed”, when in fact it hadn't, you’ll know you have made great progress.   


It does take several months or longer for their taste buds to make the transition and more importantly for their brain to lose the cravings.  Another example is snacks that are made with MSG.  MSG is an excitotoxin in the brain, meaning that it over stimulates the brain causing the production of excessive amounts of dopamine. This creates a drug-like rush that provides a brief sensation of well-being and it becomes highly addictive, causing your kids to crave more of it - hence the popularity of snacks such as Doritos.   The best way to get started is to eliminate colors and dye's first.  These are made from petroleum oil, the same ingredient used for your car or butane lighter and researchers have confirmed that kids with hyperactivity can experience a worsening of symptoms, not to mention, the stomach does not digest it very well. The good news is that once you remove these things from their diet, they will stop craving them.  The next several blog posts will cover how to incorporate small changes into your routine that will eventually become your natural habits.  Check out this video by Stefani Bardin that explains more. 



Go to Kinuu.com  to suscribe to our community and get our free food guide.  We've listed 6 food groups to reduce or eliminate and 6 food groups to eat for Brain, Liver and Digestion. This is a great place to get started.


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